URGENT MESSAGE: Distracted Drivers


Saturday, April 28, at 730am, I was jogging with my daughter in the jogging stroller.

We were in a quiet safe neighborhood called Mar Vista where I live.

I was crossing the street, and a car rolled through the stop sign.

I screamed at him but he seemed to accelerate and plowed into the jogging stroller with my daughter inside.

The stroller went flying 15 feet in the air as the driver sped away.

If you can imagine my horror for those few seconds as I ran to the stroller which was down on its backside with my baby daughter inside.

My daughter was crying hysterically.

I unstrapped her with shaking hands and pulled her out and held her in my arms.

We were the victim of a hit and run.

By the time I got around to calling 911, it was far too late to catch the criminal.

Either he was texting and driving and hit us and freaked out and drove off… or he is an evil creature. Either way, it was the scariest moment of my life.

We took my daughter to the doctor and she’s ok. I’m ok. But I’m struggling to believe something like this came screaming out of the blue on a beautiful, tranquil Saturday morning

The policeman called me an hour later and said they were looking through someone’s security system video and saw what appeared to resemble my description of the car which hit us.

The police are investigating to see if they can find the license plate number and track down the vehicle.

I feel so incredibly fortunate that my daughter is ok and I want to make sure that everyone who sees this WAKES UP to the danger of distracted driving.

I think almost everyone uses their phone while driving and occasionally looks away from the road to send a text or pick a new songs on their phone.

I’ve written about this before and God knows I am a guilty of doing this every so often.

What if I, what if YOU… hit someone’s baby stroller and sent it flying 15 feet into the air?!?! All so you could make sure to get that text message sent?

The policeman who filled out a report about our incident says distracted driving or texting and driving is the single most common type of traffic ticket he gives out.

And the driver receiving the ticket almost always complains to the police officer about the importance of the text message that they absolutely had to send in that moment!

Note to self, note to EVERYONE: when you look away from the road for a single second while you are driving, your vehicle becomes a loaded weapon and you have your finger on the trigger.

And if you are not a distracted driver, please spread the word for ZERO TOLERANCE when you are a passenger in a vehicle with someone who tends to use their car as an office.

It’s not just for the well-being of the pedestrians. Imagine how your life would change if you hit someone with your car?

Be over-the-top safe with your children. I know some people say I’m anal and I should relax and let children be children.

Let me tell you, that man who hit us came out of nowhere.

The roads are a very dangerous place with all these distracted drivers, many of whom are loving people, parents of children who they would do anything to protect. SO WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING?!?!?!??!!?

Take ZERO risks. Strap your kids in tight. Buckle them up!

And the last thing I want to share is this… stop complaining and arguing.

Life is such a gift and it is so fragile.

Be grateful.

Love with all your heart.

And be safe.

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