Gandhi for President

Gandhi had many quotes in his 78 wisdom-packed years.

The most famous one might be:

“Your health is your real wealth.”

Last week, I went to visit my aunt who is facing an aggressive form of Parkinson’s.

If you know someone who has been through this, it essentially is a slow freeze on one’s physical capacity.

The everyday things you do unconsciously…

…with Parkinson’s…require ungodly effort.

-using your vocal chords
-standing up to walk across the room
-picking up a glass of water

Think about all the unconscious actions your body performs each day. Thinking, walking, talking, typing, reaching for another potato chip.

Most of it is mindless.

To have to focus in order to do every little thing would shut down your capacity to dream, to show affection, to savor life.

So it is with Parkinsons.

As my wife and I left my aunt and drove home on Sunday, I had a heavy heart. It’s hard to see your relatives be anything but happy and healthy.

But my aunt doesn’t want a pity party. So enough of the glum mood. Let this message be firepower for your journey.

We all need some urgency in our lives!

There is this increasingly popular notion that we can seek to live for 120, 130, 140 years.

I think if you were lingering on the earth at 140, you’d be a major PAIN in somebody’s A$S.

I mean, do you really want that?

Or would you rather take your 70-80-90 years and GET AFTER IT.  When there is urgency, there is purpose.

God knows how many of you reading this are worrying about something, or harboring resentments, or getting down on yourself.

You aren’t here on Earth to worry, or be mad, to stand in your own way.

You came here to be awesome and do something important. To nurture your children, to share your passion and talent, to show up fully for the people in your family and community.

My aunt has raised two amazing children, which led to six wonderful grandchildren (who I wish I spent more time with…cue the Jewish guilt). Each day my aunt’s legacy grows brighter as her children and grandchildren shine in their own lives.

Whether it’s already happening or it happens 20 years from now, you’re gonna slow down and you’re gonna look back on your life.

Make sure you can honestly say to yourself…you converted worries to dreams, anger to passion, self-doubt to honesty, regret to action.

Wrap your arms around life, instead of pushing it away.

To anyone out there who knows firsthand the fleeting nature of health, let us all remember…

Your health is a precious gift that you have for a very short time.

Enjoy it.

Your time is NOW.

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