The Sad Loss of a Best Friend (WAKE UP CALL!)

To anyone who has a very best friend in the world, or a few of them…you’ll want to read this.

Last week I was signing copies of my book after an event…and a lady approached me to sign her copy.

She said, “Dave can you please write this message in the book:

‘Dad. Stay in the box’ ”

It was unusual for someone to request their own message, let alone something so personal.

She explained that her dad’s very best friend had just been killed in a car accident.

A teenager was driving while texting and collided with his car, killing him instantly.

Just like that, a 77 year old man’s life was taken because a teenager was texting and driving.

To think that after a long life filled with family and friends, it ended like this.

Sometimes we all sneak peaks at our phone while driving or walking across the street. And sometimes, we’ll even send a text while driving. We’ll rationalize, “Oh it’s just a quick look. Won’t take but a second.”

We do it. ALL. THE. TIME.

And what about the teenager that killed him? He could have been a perfectly wonderful kid.

Wonderful people send texts while driving.

Imagine what the teenage kid must be thinking today. Imagine what it must feel like to have to live with that burden.

The man who was killed probably had big plans. He was on his way to see his grandchildren. He had a great trip planned with his wife. He couldn’t wait to watch the football games this weekend with his best friend.

We’ll just never know.

When I heard this story, I thought about my very best friends and what they really mean to me.

The one with more energy than all of his kids combined (a wonder of the world).

The one with the mustache. (The mustache changes everything)

The one who was too drunk to find the pizza place… across the street.

The one who could ride a chocolate horse into heaven.

The one who orders ribs for dessert.

If they were very suddenly gone, I would miss them so much.

I would miss their generosity, their loyalty, their quirks, their streaks of glory and gluttony.

If you lose a best friend, you lose a piece of you forever.

But if you lose a best friend to a teenager looking at their phone, you must also lose trust in where our society is going.


I looked up at this lady who asked me to write that message:

‘Dad. Stay in the box.’

She explained her dad’s belief that either you are born in the happy box or you are not. And he was born in the happy box. He could always find an excuse to be happy.

But after his best friend was killed so suddenly, he was struggling to stay in the happy box.

The impact crater of this tragic death shattered her father. But as I looked at this woman with a book and a pen in her hand, I could tell the death also slapped her hard in the heart!

We don’t like to see our parents in pain.

So today is a really great day to reach out to your parents and your best friend/s, remind them NOT to text and drive, and let them know how much you care about them.

And if you need an excuse to do something awesome with your best friends and parents…

Starting on Valentine’s Day, February 14, I’m leading a seven day meditation series called…Meditate ON…You Are Beautiful!

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And hey, this might not be the thing that your beer-drinking, chicken wing-eating dad or friend would be into. So if not, share it with someone else… it’s yours to give to whoever you like.

Share with as many friends and parents as you feel need to be reminded: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

The Happy Box is a beautiful place and you cannot buy admission.

But you can certainly give it away…again and again and again.

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