Don’t Miss Your Wake Up Call

A new development has emerged in the story of the Thai boys rescued from the cave.

A state of the art technology developed by an Israeli company made it possible.

“A string of small devices, similar to handheld radios, passed wireless communications between each other, enabling a link in places regular radios won’t work, such as where there are major obstacles blocking the line-of-sight between the two ends of the line.”

Thus, the search team could communicate through the thick rocks and crevices when previously not able to with the technology on hand. This made the rescue possible.

“A chain of signals enabling a link” is such a powerful idea.

For instance, when we have a dream or a vision or a prayer, we expect it will be delivered in a certain kind of way.

Sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

There is “chain of signals enabling a link” but that chain is all too often interrupted.


This past week I was in a hotel conference room about to deliver a speech. I met a lady, Diane, who started to tell me her story.

I was not expecting it.  I was about to get on stage and had somewhere to be.

At first, I was trying to figure a way out of the conversation.

But that would have broken the “chain of signals enabling a link.”

Thank God I stuck around to listen.

Diane told me a story about her daughter, who 5 years ago delivered twins.

They were only one pound at birth and both of them coded. They were resuscitated but barely clinging to life.

The doctor gave them a .25% chance to live. That’s 1/4 of 1 percent. Their mom didn’t want to let go.

The doctor told her, “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. These babies will be vegetables in a crib.”

But their mom refused to let go.

Five years later, the daughters are alive. I saw pictures. They are adorable and beautiful!!!

One of the little girls is autistic and while she may not appear to communicate to you and I, according to Diane, she speaks in her own language.

The little girl was recently at her sister’s soccer match and as they were leaving to go home, another child’s mother ran after Diane.

She said, “Diane, I have to tell you something! Your granddaughter climbed on top of me yesterday and started saying ‘baby, baby.’ I told her ‘oh no, no baby here. I can’t get pregnant.’”

Diane replied, “I’m so sorry, she has her own language. Please don’t take offense.”

The lady continued, tears in her eyes, “I found out yesterday I was pregnant.”

Some would consider this little girl…lost to the world.

You and I would probably find it impossible to speak with her, so we may not even try.

But this little girl has a gift, a power.

Those whose intellect may seem “disabled” have something that may be more advanced than an “intellectual” person can comprehend.

Robert Hensel said, “There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”

This moment with Diane was such a wake up call, a reminder that every single human being is a part of “the chain of signals establishing a link.”

And when you deny one person because you reduce them, you deny your dream, you deny your prayer, you deny your God.

When will we realize that every time you and I reduce, reject, or resist someone, it crushes “the chain of signals.”

And we are left wondering where is God in all this mess.




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