Never Say This To Your Wife (unless you’re feeling lucky)


This is a TRUE story.

November 20, 1973.

19 year old Scot Halpin drove 2 hours to the Cow Palace in San Francisco to see The Who live in concert! He waited in line outside for 13 hours so that he could get a good seat.

The show started. The Who played many of their classic hits…I Can’t Explain…My Generation…

One can only imagine Scot Halpin in the crowd,… dishing out hugs and high fives in reckless abandon!

And then, during Won’t Get Fooled Again…The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon…passed out. He’d been partying too hard.

Pete Townsend asked the crowd, “Can anyone play drums? I means somebody good!”

Scot Halpin made a bunch of NOISE and the promoter Bill Graham ventured into the crowd.

As Halpin recalled, “Graham just looked at me and said, “Can you do it?” And I said “Yes,” straight out.

Halpin was given a shot of brandy to relax his nerves. Pete Townsend introduced him to the crowd, and he played 3 songs with The Who!

Rolling Stone later named Scot Halpin The Pickup Player of the Year!

If this is not GOOD LUCK, I don’t know what it is!

Could something this amazing ever happen to you? I mean, you may not care to play onstage with a rock band, but what about some other break, something YOU would consider to be very very fortunate?

There’s actually a science to increasing your luck.

The expert on this subject, Dr. Richard Wiseman says that “unlucky people tend to be more anxious, which reduces the ability to notice the unexpected.”

Scot Halpin was relaxed (or crazy) enough to just GO FOR IT…when many others were probably too nervous to jump on stage in front of thousands with one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

So what do you do if you are struggling with a period of bad luck in your life? How can you change your fortune?

I’ll tell you how.

My wife has been complaining more than usual that her head hurts, her back hurts, she’s tired.

Finally, last night, I couldn’t take it anymore and said something I probably should not have said to a tired, working mom: “You have to stop complaining. The more you talk about a headache and backache, the more your head and back will ache. You’re brining yourself bad luck. You gotta get over this! Tell me what feels good. Tell me what’s awesome. Tell me something good!”

The next 5 seconds were the longest 5 seconds of my life. I was either going to get REAMED …or I was going to be the reincarnation of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

And then she said something that is music to any husband’s ears:

“Y’know what. You’re right!”

According to Richard Wiseman, part of good luck is resilience. You have to BELIEVE that you can change your fortune.
You have to shift your perspective. If you have your mind on bad luck, you are basically looking for bad luck, and thinking about bad luck, and singing the back luck song.

So let’s change the tune here.

Scot Halpin did everything he could to get to that Who concert, to wait in line so he could sit close, to put his energy into what he loved most. You can only imagine that while he was rocking out to “Won’t Get Fooled AGAIN!”…he had to be thinking…

“So much has gone RIGHT!”

And it did!

You can embrace one of two attitudes.

“So much can go wrong.”
“So much can go right!”

Before your next big meeting…those are your choices:

“So much can go wrong.”
“So much can go right!”

Before your kid’s test at school, you can remind them:

“So much can go wrong.”
“So much can go right!”

Spread the word to all those people, maybe you, who are merely hoping for a lucky break in life.

Luck is just a little bit of chance…and a whole lotta ATTITUDE!

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