Why TODAY is YOUR Birthday


When I was 6, I had a bowling birthday.

I proceeded to bowl eight straight gutter balls. This was before the days of gutter guards. I burst out into tears. It was devastating.

As a kid, when it’s bad, it’s really bad. You feel it all over your heart and soul.

When I was 5, I went to Disneyland. Tweedledee and Tweedledum sat on my lap. I laughed until my buck teeth almost cut my lip. (see pic)

As a kid, when it’s good, it’s really good, an explosion of color and light!

As adults, we tend to get caught in this murky, middle ground. We become emotionally constipated.

Wouldn’t you just love to cry sometimes? It’s not so easy to do around your co-workers, strangers, kids, or boss.

And wouldn’t it be nice to bust loose laughing so hard you pee in your pants? But you can’t because you damn well know that inside that Tweedledee costume is a hairy man with a handle bar mustache.

We are just too smart for our own good. We cling too tight to our reputation, our job, our security.

The single greatest tool I have discovered to help me loosen my grip, feel better, think clearer, and live happier is…


I know what you must be thinking.

“I’ve tried meditation. It’s just so boring!”


“I want to learn how to meditate but I don’t know where to start.”


It’s time for meditation to be fun, and relatable to those of us who don’t speak fancy-pants spirit talk.

It’s time for meditation to be familiar to those of us who have the desire for inner peace, but also have limited time, short attention spans, screaming children, and daily demands.

Take a free trip to your Inner Hawaii. It’s one of a number of meditation journeys that make up: Meditate ON.

This is meditation for the modern day.

This is meditation for those of you who like to have fun.

This is meditation for those of you who are ready to laugh harder, cry deeper, and enjoy life to the fullest.

You have within you more power, more love, and more talent than you can ever imagine. Whether you decide to go there is up to you.

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