Best Floor Chairs for Meditation and Reading

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Meditating can be a great way to unwind, de-stress and gain a new perspective.

You don’t need much to get started other than a calm, peaceful environment. If you practice meditation in your home, investing in a floor chair will help you to create a calm, comfortable space for quiet reflection.

A floor chair is an ideal alternative to the traditional practice of sitting on the floor to meditate, which can be quite uncomfortable and physically restrictive. If you have any back or knee problems, for instance, you may find it difficult to sit comfortably on the floor for an extended period of time. 

By positioning a well-supported floor chair somewhere in your home, you’ll be able to create a designated space for meditation, reading, and reflection. You don’t need to have a big space to achieve this, and you’ll find that just carving out a little space in an alcove or corner of a room, for example, will make a big difference. Having this dedicated area will help you to establish a regular meditation practice that only requires a few minutes out of your day to be effective. 

Floor chairs can help you to maintain proper spine alignment and good posture while you read or meditate, which is very important in order to avoid experiencing any aches and pains.

Picking the right floor chair will make these tasks more accessible and should inspire you to finally get round to starting that book you’ve had on your nightstand for months. 

There are many different options available in terms of style, budget and size, so you can be sure that your perfect floor chair is out there.

We’ve done the boring bit for you and put together this guide to the five best floor chairs on the market, including a handy buyer’s guide with some useful factors to look out for in your quest for comfort. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions that may be on your mind so you can make the best choice. 

In a hurry to find the best floor chair for you? 

Check out our top pick - the bonVIVO Easy Floor Chair.

This lightweight floor chair features an adjustable backrest for comfort and stability is designed to help you maintain good posture while you read or meditate. The portable design means that you won’t have any problem packing or storing this chair, and it can be folded down easily when not needed.

The affordable price tag and memory foam construction mean that you can’t go wrong with the bonVIVO floor chair. 

Top 5 Best Floor Chairs for Meditation and Reading


bonVIVO Folding Floor Chair - Portable, Padded Chairs for Meditation and Back Support Blue

Our number one floor chair is this well-supported foam chair from bonVIVO.

This model has an adjustable backrest for maximum stability and comfort and is made up of a combination of upholstery filling, PE foam, and PU foam which is designed to conform perfectly to the body. The bonVIVO chair offers a high level of comfort for sitting and reclining and can support a bodyweight of up to 220lb.

The design is versatile enough to function well for all kinds of different applications from meditation and reading, to gaming and office working. It can also be opened out into a floor lounger which can be useful. You’ll also find this one is incredibly easy to store and travel with because of its low weight at 6lbs.

If you’re working with a limited space, this chair would be an ideal choice. It features a practical carrying handle and is foldable so is easy to pack and take with you if you prefer to meditate in different locations.

All the practical features are there with this model, and it’s super easy to clean as the cover is made of high-quality stain-resistant synthetic fiber that can be wiped clean easily using a damp cloth and is washable at 30 degrees.

Available in a calming beige and blue color, this chair would be a great addition to your home that should help you achieve a comfortable posture and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. 


  • Adjustable backrest for maximum stability and comfort
  • Versatile
  • Designed to conform to the body shape perfectly
  • Easy to store and travel with
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Affordably priced
  • Carrying handle
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean 


  • A couple of reviewers commented that they would have liked a few more color options 


BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair - Pillow Gaming Chair - Comfortable Back Support - Cushion Dorm Rocker - Gamer - Comfy for Reading Game Meditating - Fully Assembled - Grey

This memory foam floor chair is designed for anyone who needs to sit comfortably for long periods, so would be perfect for reading or mediation.

The combination of memory foam and soft plush fabric should conform to your body shape and support to the lower back area. The BirdRock chair can be easily adjusted into 14 different positions according to your preferences and how you plan to use it that day.

Each position works for different activities, for example, you might position it at 90 degrees to play a board game, or in a lounge position to read, nap or watch a movie. This is also a great option for kids who may enjoy using the chair for gaming or listening to music, and parents can rest assured that young children can use it safely.

The BirdRock model has also been designed to accommodate easy storage, and it is easy to lay the chair completely flat to store under your bed or couch when it’s not needed. It can be really helpful to provide extra seating when friends or family come over.

You can order this floor chair in a variety of uplifting colors, each of which would brighten up a living space. This floor chair is a little heavier than other options at just over 12lb, however, so it may be better suited to home-meditation rather than taking out and about. 


  • Memory foam construction for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for reading and meditation
  • Can be adjusted into 14 different positions
  • Can be used for many different activities
  • Ideal choice for kids
  • Easy to store
  • Affordably priced
  • Available in several bright colors 


  • Heavier than other floor seats so may be best for home use


Sundale Indoor Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester Cord Five-Position Multiangle Floor Chair, 17.5'(L) x 17'(W) x 17.5'(H), Red

The popular Sundale Adjustable Floor Chair is designed to make your floor comfortable and functional, so should work really well for meditating or reading.

Users can easily adjust the chair into one of the five positions which range from a fully reclined position to upright. The high-strength metal locking mechanism ensures the chair is locked into position securely at whichever angle you prefer. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, you can take this chair anywhere to enjoy it in different locations or stack it in your car to take on a trip.

The materials used are very durable, making the Sundale perfect for an outdoor meditation session in your backyard or local park. This model is very thick and well-padded so you can use it comfortably for a long period of time, which makes it a great choice for when you want to get stuck into a good book. The sturdy back support will help you to maintain good posture while you read so you can avoid experiencing any unnecessary aches and pains.

The Sundale chair is very affordably priced and offers excellent value for money. The durable soft-brushed cover is also zippered and can be removed easily for cleaning, which is always handy and means that this chair will be able to last you a long time. The Sundale floor chair has the design of classic furniture and is a stylish choice.

Choose from the selection of colors available according to your personal preferences. 


  • Five different adjustable chair positions
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to store and travel with
  • Lightweight design
  • Thick and well-padded for maximum comfort
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cover can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Stylish choice
  • Selection of colors available 


  • A couple of reviewers felt that they would have preferred the chair to have had a higher back for additional support 


WAYTRIM Indoor Adjustable Floor Chair 5-Position Folding Padded Kids Gaming Sofa Chair, Perfect for Meditation, Reading, TV Watching, Gray

If you’re after a floor chair that can offer you maximum comfort, the Waytrim Indoor Adjustable Floor Chair may be just what you need.

The Waytrim model is the sort of chair you just can’t wait to sink into after a long day. Ergonomically designed, this lightweight floor chair has been developed to offer superior comfort for users. The chair is covered by breathable waterproof cotton and linen fabric which is very durable and padded with soft recycled cotton for additional comfort.

These materials have been incorporated in order to provide a durable, resilient floor seat that is both comfortable and safe. Despite its sturdy construction, the Waytrim is lightweight and versatile, and easy to store or carry. The backrest on this one can be locked in 5 different positions, which each offer sturdy support for the upper and lower back thanks to the built-in sturdy metal frame and should help you maintain good posture.

It is really easy to change the position and lock it into place, which can be really helpful if you need to use the chair for longer periods. You will find that this is a very practical option that offers several design features to accommodate the users’ needs, such as the useful backside pocket which is ideal for storing newspapers or books.

The fabric cover is zippered and can be quickly removed for cleaning. The Waytrim model is also very reasonably priced and available in a selection of colors to match your personal style and preferences. 


  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Breathable waterproof cotton and linen fabric
  • Durable and resilient
  • Easy to store or carry
  • Offers sturdy support for upper and lower back
  • 5 different positions
  • Helps to maintain good posture
  • Additional pocket for storage
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance
  • Available in a selection of colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and versatile design


  • A couple of reviewers reported experiencing difficulties with the zip fastening


Merax Floor Sofa Chair Foldable Sleeper Chair Padded Gaming Chair for Kids Comfortable Back Support Great for Reading /Games /Meditating(Brown)

Our final pick is the affordably priced Merax Adjustable Folding Floor Chair, which is a simple and comfortable choice that would be ideal for reading and meditating.

This cushioned chair has a classic look that mirrors the style of upholstered furniture, like sofas and chairs, so it should fit in nicely in a home environment. You should find this thickly-padded chair very comfortable as it is made with mesh fabric and stuffed with high-density foam for maximum comfort and support.

The sturdy backrest on the Merax chair helps to prevent slouching and back pain by promoting healthy posture. It is a very stable floor chair that can support a bodyweight of up to 100kg (220lb) thanks to the durable iron frame.

You can adjust the Merax model into 6 different positions, meaning you can set it up to work for your needs. Having the option to use this model as both a floor lounger and seat cushion makes it incredibly versatile. If you have children who like gaming or reading, this chair would make a good choice.

This model is also very easy to use with no need to assemble when you receive it, just open it out and you’re good to go! The Merax is a very convenient model that should work well in your home environment and would be a great option to go for if you meditate in a public area in the home. It’s also lightweight and portable so would work well in small spaces. 


  • Thickly-padded for maximum comfort and support
  • Sturdy backrest that can be adjusted into 6 different positions
  • Helps to prevent slouching and back pain
  • Can support a bodyweight of up to 100kg (220lb)
  • Ideal for children
  • Convenient
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordably priced


  • A couple of reviewers commented that they were disappointed that they could not remove the cover to wash it

Best Floor Chairs for Meditation and Reading Buying Guide

Back Support

If you’re looking for a floor chair for reading or meditating it’s important to think about whether or not your chosen model is ergonomically designed. An ergonomically designed floor chair will offer you a good level of back and neck support, which is essential if you plan to use the floor chair for long periods in order to avoid aches and pains.

Many floor chairs feature an adjustable back, which means you can modify its position to find where you are most comfortable. This is a very useful feature to have if you plan to use the chair for meditation. 


If you are limited on space or plan to use the floor chair in different locations, it may be a good idea to invest in a portable floor chair. Many floor chairs are designed to be portable to allow for easy travel and storage.

Look out for any floor chairs that feature a carry handle or can be folded down to slot under a bed or couch when not needed. Keep in mind that some floor chairs can be quite heavy, so it’s worth thinking about the weight if you think you may want to use it in different locations. 


It goes without saying that a chair should be comfortable. Comfort is a very important factor with floor chairs to ensure that you can relax and unwind without experiencing any backache.

Look for a thickly-padded floor chair that has a generous foam content for maximum comfort. Floor chairs made using memory foam often fare well as they can mold to the body shape perfectly. 


A good floor chair should be both sturdy and durable. Floor chairs that incorporate a solid metal frame are often a good shout as they can offer a high level of stability for users. Choose a high-quality durable fabric and think about whether you’ll be able to remove the cover to wash it or remove any stains.

This is especially helpful if you have pets or young children and will mean that your floor chair should last you a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meditation chair?

A meditation chair is designed to help someone who is meditating to hold a meditation pose for a long period of time without experiencing discomfort.

Some meditation chairs are designed to support the cross-legged pose, while others support beginners as they work towards the full lotus position. 

What are the benefits of using a floor chair for meditation?

Many floor chairs are compact and lightweight, making them a great choice for meditation as users can easily change their position or location. Users can often fold away floor chairs for easy travel and storage. A well-designed floor chair should help to relieve the pressure that builds up in the back and legs when you remain in one pose for a long time.

If a floor chair is well-supported and features an adjustable back, it should also help users to maintain healthy posture and encourage good back alignment. Using a floor chair with good back support will also help you to relax and unwind. 

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